Tuesday, December 10, 2013

FInal Post!

So now that the CSA project finished up, The Dustbowlers took to the field to collect their remaining bounty. We had many green tomatoes on the vine along with enough heads of lettuce to feed a small army. One of our members took the lettuce and made a delicious salad accompanied by some of the green tomatoes, slightly seared, for an excellent dish. Another member took many of the green tomatoes and made fried green tomatoes, a Southern dish which goes well as an appetizer for a big party or it's own whole meal! But more than just devouring the produce, the Dustbowlers took home new information and techniques to help them grow vegetables in the future more efficiently and in the least environmentally damaging way. Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Farm Progress

There's been some good progress in the farm for the Dustbowlers. We've gotten good progress with our lettuce and our tomatos. We also got around to mulching the lot with hay once again to take care of any weeds. 
 Our Lettuce

The tomatoes that Xin provided us as transplants
 How Hay heavy our plot is today
We'll be posting our media project shortly, we decided to make a short PSA encouraging people to eat their fruits and vegetables everyday.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Life in the Dustbowl

Hi, so there has been a lack of activity on this blog. An unfortunate consequence of our dear Kylie having to withdraw from UF. I (Anthony) am going to be taking over as primary poster until the end of the semester.

The farm is still going well even with the transition to a smaller group. Will and I have spent time after class making sure that our plot was given the attention it deserves. The tomatoes that we planted are growing vociferously, with an abundance of fruit. Will even wants to take a cutting of some of them to clone them they're doing so well on their own.

Sadly the eggplants we planted have not been as productive, we planted 2-3 plants and they're all dead at the time of this writing. The lettuce however is growing well and the broccoli should be coming in soon as well.

Even with a diminished group I don't expect our farm or media project to suffer too much, and hope to post more regularly.


Sunday, October 20, 2013


These radishes were a beautiful uniform red color. Their shape was also very round compared to the Easter Egg and Rover cultivars. A few managed to split while in the field.

Overall the flavor was very crisp with a spicy aftertaste. Definitely not for the faint of heart!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Hello Friends! Not just the soil is getting hot out here...

Last week we complained about the weeds, well this week we did something about them. Straw. We covered everything in straw. In class we learned covering the weeds will cease photosynthesis. We did not have clear plastic to roast them out so we are stopping every photon with a barrier.

As for the transplants, they should be planted this week. They are getting stronger everyday.Before we transplant we will have to remove all of that darned hay. Pictures will be posted soon of the transplanting process.