Monday, September 9, 2013

Meet the Bowlers

My name is WIll Kacheris, I am currently a senior in the agricultural operations management. I grew up in a very small town in Illinois called Hawthorne Woods which had a heavy reliance on agricultural production.

Tyler Chamberlain - I'm a junior and a recent transfer student to UF from South Florida State College. I was raised in the small town of Lake Placid. I come from a farming family that manages a 2600-acre citrus grove and peach orchard sparked my interest in agriculture. I'm majoring in Horticultural Science.

My name is Anthony Timoti and I am a Horticultural Science major specializing in Organic Crop Production from Computer Science. I'm from Ocala, and I'm in my third year of college.

Kylie Clark: I am a Horticultural Sciences major with a focus on organic crop production. Growing up is Savannah Georgia has given me a great appreciation for the variety of crops and cultivars that grow in the south. My future job is on a 144 acre organic hay and alfalfa farm in Colorado.

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